A Smart Image Editor Has Finally Arrived

A Smart Image Editor Has Finally Arrived

 Unfortunately, the project has failed and was not fully funded on Kickstarter.

For any of us who have edited an image and gone back to tweak it, we have at some point ended up losing all of our previous adjustments. Even when we attempt to resize the image, our previous adjustments are lost, which can be frustrating, and our workflow is interrupted. One company is seeking to eliminate this problem by making it possible to save each adjustment layer by layer.

The project, called Ormr, is making an effort on Kickstarter to bring its software to market in the hopes of taking image editing to the next level. What is surprising is that the larger image editors such as Photoshop have not introduced this technology sooner. In fact, the simplicity of Ormr will not require any extra training since it functions the same way as most other image editors do.

With Ormr there is no more manually redoing subsequent steps once you make changes to the image. With Ormr, the manual work will all be done automatically for you. In addition, Ormr works on both a PC and a Mac, and will import and export to just about any format of your choosing. According to the company that makes Ormr, it is fast, and the GPU-accelerated UI was designed by artists for artists.

Ormr also has the added advantage to let you adjust every action that you have performed previously, organized by layer. This allows you to jump back, redo something, and never have to redo anything that comes after it again. Did I mention this is all done automatically for you?

One nice touch is that Ormr users can work with the software on a PC or a Mac platform. Once you buy a copy for one platform, you will be given a second copy of the software to work on the other platform as well.

So there you have it: an effective software that will make image editing easier, allowing changes to be made without having to redo previous changes. This software could revolutionize the way we all use imaging editing software for years to come.

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Source: Kickstarter