Transparent Speaker: a Timeless Design for Music Lovers

Transparent Speaker: Designed for Music LoversWith so many different products and devices being introduced on a daily basis, it is sometimes refreshing to see a product that actually has the potential to be eye-appealing and functional at the same time. Swedish company PEOPLE PEOPLE is currently seeking funding through Kickstarter to get its novel concept, the Transparent Speaker, to market.

So what, in my opinion, makes the project so exciting?

It is the speaker design that I like the best. The lines of the speaker, with its transparent case, adds a certain type of beauty that is timeless. I recall from my youth a toy that was considered, at the time, special in design. It was called Mr. Machine, and it also had a transparent case that exposed the inner workings of the device. The Transparent Speaker provides a similar design function that presents its inner workings to the viewer. The outer panels are made of a translucent material, which allows you to view the amplifier, wiring, control panel, and three fixed speakers. The system comes in a kit form and requires the user to assemble the Transparent Speaker before use.

Even when placed on the floor, the Transparent Speaker adds a certain elegance to the surroundings — as these pictures show. The Transparent Speaker design adds beauty coupled with a design that will blend in with any room or location where you decide to place it.

Transparent Speaker on floor

In addition to the speakers themselves, there is an option that I would highly recommend to anyone who may consider buying a Transparent Speaker system. For those of you who own an Apple device, iPhone, iPod, iPad, or MacBook, you may wish to consider buying the optional Apple Airport Express. This will allow a wireless connection between your Apple device to the Transparent Speakers. This freedom will allow you to connect to the Transparent Speakers from any Apple device within wireless range.

The Transparent Speaker also includes premium audio components with a full range of crisp highs as well as everything in between. The built-in amplifier powers two 3″ speakers as well as a 6.5″ subwoofer, which the company claims will provide “a solid low end.” The Transparent Speaker also features a control panel, which allows for the adjustment to bass, treble, and volume and uses simple, classic knobs. Also included is a rocker switch and LED display for the power on-off controller.

In my opinion, the Transparent Speaker is one of those designs that will look just as good a decade from now as it does today. In an era when we usually dispose of our electronics at a fast clip, this design is timeless. I personally like the speakers so much that I have signed on to the project.

What do you think? Comments, as always, are welcome.

Source: Kickstarter