Wii Vs. Wii U

Wii Vs. Wii UWhen I first decided to write about Nintendo’s Wii and Wii U, I had to separate myself from the two products. I have been a Wii user, have bought three other units for kids and grandkids, and have thoroughly enjoyed the family entertainment this device has provided. When Nintendo announced the introduction of the Wii U, I not only wanted to know the specifications for the new unit, but I also wanted to try one out for myself.

I could razzle and dazzle you with the specifications for both units. However, the Wii U is by far the better equipped unit. With a fast processor, more memory, larger storage, plus other features like HDMI, the Wii U is definitely the winner. But with 71 million Wii units sold, it makes one wonder how many of us are going to toss out the old unit for a new one? This is where I want to focus in this article. Putting specifications and costs aside, is the Wii U a must have device?

The first thing I needed to do was find myself a Wii U to try and compare it to the original Wii. I was fortunate enough to have friends who had purchased a Wii U for their 15-year-old son. Before the system was wrapped and put under the tree, the boy’s dad and I took the Wii U for a spin. We connected the Wii U to an HDTV via HDMI cable.

We next loaded the game New Super Mario Bros. U and when it fired up and we started to play the game, the first thing we noticed was the HD graphics. The graphics, in my opinion, rival those of a Blu-ray movie. The audio also is noticeably improved and is very high quality. Of course, these observations were made when the unit was connected and played on a big screen TV. Not to review the game itself, let me just say that if you are a die-hard Mario fan, you will most likely buy this game if you choose to get a Wii U.

Which brings up the second part of this article that I wish to cover, and that is whether the Wii U is worth $299 to $349, plus the price of the new games. One of the biggest draws to the original Wii console was the ability to play games such as Wii Sports, that got us all off of our butts and forced us to take a little bit of exercise. The Wii U, in my opinion, will get us back on our rear ends, sitting back on the couch or in our recliners.

There is one feature that I believe will make the Wii U a top seller and also a must have feature for most of you who read this — especially for those of you who would like to play their favorite Wii game and watch their favorite sports team at the same time. By having a built-in screen on the gaming pad, you can do just that. Though the gamepad screen may not offer the best resolution or size when playing your favorite game, it is good enough to be labeled as acceptable for most users.

This Christmas day we will be joining our friends at their home for dinner. By that time, their 15-year-old son will have opened the gift and will have jumped into playing the new Wii U. I believe he will enjoy the experience and will recommend the new Wii U to others. I likewise would recommend the new Nintendo Wii U and personally believe it is worth the price.

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