Seven Must-Have Android Shopping Apps

Seven Must-Have Android Shopping AppsWe are often reminded during the holiday season how stressful shopping can be, but really, it can be stressful no matter what time of the year it is. Whether you are buying holiday gifts for your family or trying to find the perfect birthday present at the right price for a good friend, shopping can be harder than it should be most of the time.

Thankfully, technology is there to lend a helping hand. Here are eight fantastic shopping applications for Android phone users that will help you get your shopping done on time, find the exact presents that you are looking for, and save money in the process.


This app is great because it identifies any product quickly and will give you information on where to buy it for the best possible price in seconds. With this type of application you definitely want it to work as quickly as possible, especially when you are hovering your smartphone over a barcode in the middle of a crowded store. You are not doing anything illegal or wrong, but it can be a bit awkward for some. However, GoogleShopper can also identify a product by telling the app verbally or typing in what you are looking for manually. In seconds you will get descriptions, online reviews and price comparisons from local stores that carry this product.


If you are in a tight squeeze and need to find a product in a store close to you and be positive that it is currently available and on the shelf, then Milo is the best option for you. Milo works with many of the largest retail companies directly, which gives the app incredibly accurate information so you’ll never leave a store empty-handed and needing to search elsewhere for what you’re looking to buy.


Clipping coupons can now become a thing of the past thanks to RetailMeNot. The app gives you a huge variety of coupons and special offers from all of your favorite stores and restaurants that are conveniently collected on your phone. The coupons are also very really well sorted into categories so that it’s easy to find the perfect coupon for whatever you need at the moment.


As consumers trying to save some money at all times, everyone loves loyalty cards that many retailers give out to regular customers. However, having dozens of them on your key chain or in your wallet can be a huge hassle and can really slow you down during checkout. This app will scan your loyalty card bar codes or allow you to put them in manually and after that, you will be able to use these loyal cards without having to carry them around with you — they will also be on your Android phone already.


ShopSavvy gets information on a product exclusively through barcodes. However, this does not make it a lesser app than GoogleShopper. In fact, it is better in a lot of facets. ShopSavvy has the largest database of stores carrying the products you want and it allows you to create fantastic and easy-to-follow wish lists, making it the best app to keep track of products that you are looking to track for a longer period of time in order to get it at the best possible sale price.


There is nothing worse than being in a mall you’ve never been in before with very little time and many stores that you want to visit. PointInside will be a lifesaver in such situations. This app gives you a map of the mall or airport you are in, tells you where you are located and where the stores you are interested in are located. The app contains maps of more than 700 American malls and almost 90 US and international airports, so you’ll never be lost when shopping again.


If you are a fan of reward programs, you are going to love this app. Just download the app, which is free, link it to your credit cards, and start shopping. As you shop, you will be racking up reward points called “kicks” for everything you buy. ShopKick works with all your favorite retailers and gives you great rewards automatically, without having to fill out any forms, apply for cards, or mail in rebates.

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