UniGrip Pro – the Ultimate Universal Smartphone Mount

UniGrip Pro -- the Ultimate Universal Smartphone MountThe smartphone has replaced the traditional camera as the device of choice for many of us when taking a picture. At a recent high school sporting event, most parents were snapping flicks of their children on smartphones while only a small handful held onto their cameras. While this may seem to have become the norm in today’s smartphone-ubiquitous world, there are still some issues that need to be overcome.

First, there are no standardized tripods, monopods, or light kits that fully support all of our smartphones — at least, that was the situation until the introduction of the UniGrip Pro. The UniGrip Pro is a universal smartphone mount that will fit just about any smartphone currently on the market. Using the UniGrip Pro will allow the user to attach their smartphone to a tripod, light kit, or stabilization device with ease. The smartphone can even be used while in its protective case.

The UniGrip Pro will also add stability to the taking of videos, allow the user to employ a monopod for added height when taking pictures over a crowd — or extend around corners. You name it, and with the UniGrip Pro, you can do it.

By adding specific applications to your smartphone and using the UniGrip Pro, you can turn your smartphone into a:

  • Metal detector
  • Thermal heat detector
  • Mount for use as a GPS

Made of laser cut, high quality steel, the unit is guaranteed for a lifetime of use. If the unit breaks, just send it back for a full replacement. There is one other thing that the UniGrip Pro now has: the Kickstarter project was successful and full funding has been accomplished!

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Source: Kickstarter

CC licensed Flickr photo above shared by zoomyboy.com