VLC for Windows 8

VLC for Windows 8One would think that introducing a new VLC for Windows 8 would be no huge deal. Over at Kickstarter, a company by the name of VideoLAN is preparing to solve this problem. According to VideoLAN, its software is open source and will run within the User Experience and will eventually support the ARM processor.

Though the VLC for Windows 8 will be similar to the desktop version of VLC media player, you will be able to play all of your files plus your discs and all of your network streams. The company claims that the interface will be easy to use — in its own word: beautiful. With VLC for Windows 8, the plans also include support for DVDs and VCDs right out of the box; in addition, it will support unencrypted Blu-rays. All of these features will be included along with a video filter, full-fledged equalizer, and support for all subtitles.

One of the biggest questions I immediately thought of was how VLC for Windows 8 was going to circumvent the stiff requirements imposed on applications offered in the Windows Store? The folks at VideoLAN believe that they are going to be able to provide a user experience that will fully comply with all of Microsoft’s application requirements.

However, the folks who are working on VLC for Windows 8 are honest enough to admit that there are huge hurdles to overcome in order to get their product into the Windows Store. They even admit that their product may not be applicable for the store and could be rejected. Also, Microsoft may not be overly enthusiastic to include any product that functions under the open source licensing requirements. In fact, it is currently unknown if these licenses will be fully compatible with the Windows Store’s terms of service.

The folks at VideoLAN go on to state that they have some serious doubts about the application functioning properly under the ARM hardware. After reading what is spelled out on the Kickstarter page, I am personally surprised that the company has actually reached funding. However, in looking back at other projects that also seemed somewhat dubious to succeed, one never fully knows how this will all play out.

The only word I can think of that fully describes this project is patience. Patience that the VLC for Windows 8 team will be able to unravel the complexity of the issues that face the developers. The biggest hurdle will be getting past Microsoft, which often doesn’t play well with others.

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Source: Kickstarter

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