Emergency Mobile Device Charger

Emergency Mobile Device Charger Recent disasters have taught us all one thing: our means to communicate are curtailed once the battery in our cellphone is depleted. With nearly one-half of homes in the US no longer having a landline, we have become even more reliant upon cellphones. In addition, some of these power failures are no longer measured by days, but by weeks, further compounding the problem.

Having a battery backup system is no longer a luxury, but a necessity. In addition, we need a charger that can handle multiple charges for all of our devices and also provide us with enough power to provide us with lights during the evening hours. In steps the MetAir Solstice from MetAir Portable Power Systems.

If you are reading this, you are most likely wondering makes this particular system so unique in comparison to similarly touted solutions out there. First off, the MetAir Solstice offers a whopping 55,000 mAh (55 amp hours) of non-rechargeable power. According to the company, this is equivalent of 115 D cell batteries, but at a fraction of the cost and weight. The company also proclaims that their MetAir Solstice battery can power up the iPhone 5 20 times, your new iPad up to five times, or provide LED lights for six hours a night for up to 12 nights.

The MetAir Solstice is powered by disposable zinc-air battery power cartridges that the company claims to offer the highest energy density of any disposable battery in the industry. The battery is easily replaceable so that, no matter what the emergency is or when the power is off, you will have ample power available. Having a charger available for emergency use will provide any user with a peace of mind knowing that they can still call emergency personnel, friends, and family when needed.

I believe that Hurricane Sandy brought home to all of us the need for reliable phone service during a time of disaster. According to MetAir Portable Power System, some 41 million Americans lost power to their homes and business during 2012. Depending on the school of thought to which you subscribe, it would appear that more power outages could occur as we face more storms in the near future.

The other advantage of using the MetAir Solstice is that the unit comes with three USB charging ports. This makes the unit easy to use with multiple devices that need to be charged at the same time. The company states that replacement battery cartridges will be available online directly or at select retailers; they will cost $49.

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Source: MetAir Solstice Portable Power System at Kickstarter

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