No One Answers My Texts! What to Do?

No One Answers My Texts! What to Do?We all have a few friends, acquaintances, or family members who — for whatever reason — fail to return our text messages. While the text message may not seem of any importance to them, we feel snubbed when a reply is not forthcoming. In fact, we can feel like the recipient is giving us the cold shoulder and hurt feelings can be the result of not receiving a reply.

There are a few suggestions that can gently, or not so gently, prod a reply from the recipient that could work and are worth a try. Some of these suggestions require a knowledge of the habits of the recipient and when it would be a good time — or not — to send a text message.

This is one of my issues, especially when dealing with people who may live in another time zone or not follow a routine similar to mine. I know on Sundays that my mornings are occupied attending church, having lunch after, and other activities. Anyone who knows my schedule and sends a message on Sunday morning will not get an immediate reply. The other problem is that I turn off my phone during church services and have been known to forget to turn the phone back on.

Sometimes sending an email will get a faster response than will a text message. It doesn’t hurt a bit to send both when you know the recipient is the type of person who has a bad habit of not responding to text messages. Another suggestion is to resend a message more than once. By doing this you may stir a response from the recipient. Recomposing an answer to a previous email response from the person you’re trying to contact may also get their fingers typing back to you.

Another tactic would be to contact a mutual friend who has physical contact with the recipient. This could be a last resort, but also could result in a response from the person you have been trying to contact. If for some reason you still don’t get a reply or a response, try to remain calm and do not take the lack of a response personally.

Believe me when I say that we all have someone in our list of contacts that just flat out will not respond for whatever reason and their behavior may not ever change, no matter what we do.This is just an unfortunate fact of life, so get over it and move on.

Now it is your turn. What suggestion do you have to gently jostle a response from someone who habitually doesn’t return your text messages? Share your thoughts with us.

Comments, as always, are welcome.

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