Do You Think Yahoo! is Dying?

Marvin Habeeb asks:

Do you think Yahoo! is dying? Almost everyone I know seems to have switched to Google for search and Gmail for email. The only people I know who use Yahoo! are people who have had email since 2005 (or earlier), or people who don’t care what they’re using to search. I just wanted to hear the opinion of someone who knows what he’s talking about.

Well, Marvin,

Yahoo!Yahoo! has been going through patchy times lately, but it’s a lot more than just an email service and search engine. Yahoo! has a number of other properties, including Flickr, which is still one of the most popular image hosting and sharing services on the Web.

Don’t forget that is still listed as the fourth most popular site on the Web by and this number certainly doesn’t indicate a company in jeopardy of dying any time soon.

When Marissa Mayer was announced as Yahoo!’s new CEO, a new breath was injected into the company and it shows every indication of being a brand on the mend. It might be one of the Web brands you hear about most in 2013.

What Yahoo! needs is to reinvent itself. It’s a strong brand with a fighting chance of regaining much of its popularity from the early days of the Internet. While you might not personally know many people using Yahoo! Mail, it’s still one of the more popular mail services today. Its international following shouldn’t be ignored.

On the Internet, you’re never really dead — unless you choose to be or allow your costs to overrun your profits (if that’s the business model that sustains you).

Yahoo! continues to be a major player online. Despite popular belief that Google basically took the company out, it continues to thrive through its many properties. Yahoo!’s net income in 2011 was over one billion dollars, and it continues to hold assets with estimated values of over 10 times that. It certainly needs a retooling and rebranding, but there is plenty of value in the company as it exists today.