Geeky Living Room Decorations

Chris Baudouin Jr. asks:

I was watching some of your vlogs and noticed that you have some awesome Mac OS X pillows. Do you know where I can get some?

That’s a good question, and one I receive quite often. The pillows in my living room are by a company called Throwboy. You can even pick one up with the LockerGnome logo on it, if you’re so inclined.

Throwboy makes some of the best geeky pillows you can find. They’re great conversation pieces when you have company over and they just seem to fit with everything else in the room.

ThrowboyI’ve put a lot of work into the decor of my home over the years, and having a wife with a good eye certainly helps. Kitchen Robots by Leuckit from Etsy are also scattered around the living room. They came in these incredibly cool boxes that were covered in clippings and other assorted materials, so it was like buying two pieces of art for the price of one. Those boxes were too cool to throw away, so I still have them.

I also have Justin Hillgrove originals all over the house, including the living room. His art Imps and Monsters just appealed to me in a certain way that made me want to display it in my home. Over the past couple of years, we’ve assembled quite a collection. One of his larger pieces, Robot City, is hanging in the living room area right now, keeping the Kitchen Robots company.

You might have noticed some coasters laying on the coffee table in front of the couch. They’re iPhone-themed coasters by a company called Meninos. I don’t know if it still carries these particular coasters, but they go very well with the Throwboy pillows.

No matter how you decorate your living space, remember to make it your own. You should be as comfortable as possible with your surroundings at home. It’s your place to be yourself and do things the way you want. Don’t be afraid to break the rules once in a while.

Image: Throwboy