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APU Innovator AMD Introduces New Quad-Core SoCs

AMD A-Series Processor LogoAMD’s A-Series of accelerated processing units (APUs) provide a mix of powerful processing and low-power technologies to tablets and similar form factors. At CES 2013 this week, AMD unveiled its new APUs, including its first true system on chip (SoC) APUs. Notably, the new APUs will include the industry’s first quad-core x86 SoCs.

APUs provide device manufacturers with the ability to design devices such as tablets, television controllers, game controllers, and other gadgets on the smallish end of the device spectrum. Desirable to both consumers and businesses, these devices will be able to run Windows 8 and potentially other operating systems more efficiently than competitors’ devices.

AMD is a leader in processor design and continues to demonstrate its leadership in key areas of technology with its A-Series Family of processors. New mobile devices such as HP’s just-announced Pavilion TouchSmart Sleekbook will be powered by AMD’s new APUs. AMD’s gesture and facial recognition technologies are also expected to be packaged with these and similar devices powered by AMD processors, potentially enabling devices to recognize faces and simple hand gestures. (And you thought Kinect and touch screens were cool!)

It’s not hard to imagine the possibilities. Remote controls come in a variety of form factors these days, so tablet remotes may not seem like much to write home about — until you’ve seen one in action (and I have). Relaxing in front of my favorite TV series for long stretches of time without interruption is hard for me to do. So instead, I live around interruption. Sometimes I don’t have time to even pause what I’m watching, so a device that automatically keeps track of which part of the movie or series I’d reached when I was interrupted would be handy, indeed. Or a device that recognized my distaste of the programming, and changed the channel for me. (No, wait — that would be too useful. I’d never get through a TV program.)

More information, including links to AMD’s CES 2013 Press Release video, are available at AMD Live.