Are You Using the Best Graphics Card Settings?

Are You Using the Best Graphics Card Settings?Nate Thibodeau (aka Simba) writes:

Want your videos to be sharper and clearer? Did you know that most video cards have a built in sharpening setting that you can use? Take a look in your graphics driver’s software settings.

In the Nvidia Control Panel, under Video / Adjust Video Image Settings, there is a setting called Edge Enhancement. I use this and it makes videos played back in Windows Media Player as well as Flash videos on YouTube look much sharper. Seems whatever video is rendered by the GPU is sharpened.

AMD (ATI) and Intel have similar edge enhancements buried in their settings, but I find Nvidia the best as far as quality goes. At 100% on Nvidia, it is perfectly sharpened. ATI and Intel’s sharpening looks horrid compared to Nvidia at the same level. Setting it to around 40% on Intel or AMD cards looks decent.

You can also adjust many other settings, such as noise reduction or color balance and such.

I told a few friends of mine about these settings — they had no idea. They now love the edge enhancement. Just thought I would share!

Thanks, Nate! Anyone else have anything to add to this tip? Please leave a comment below and share with the rest of us!

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