How to Get Movie Maker for Windows 8

Zavier Kinville writes:

My dad recently upgraded our HP notebook to Windows 8 and I can’t seem to find Movie Maker. Dad suggested I search for alternatives. What do you recommend? I need something simple so I can drag and drop clips and music into a timeline and edit video clips together to make a quickie movie. Any suggestions?

How to Get Movie Maker for Windows 8The decision makers at Microsoft do not always tell me in advance why they do things. Not including Movie Maker with Windows 8 Pro is one of those perplexing decisions that probably was based on some good reasoning, but is not understandable to me. It is probably part of the pressure to get us all to migrate to cloud computing.

Readily available tools for editing video range from several freebies that you can download, through stuff that’s appropriate for mid-level hobbyists in the range of $50-100, up to truly professional grade software that has no practical upper limit, but maybe $300-500 will get you into the playing field. This range was explored in a previous post: Video Editors: Which is Best?

From your note, I assume that you are familiar with Movie Maker and want to stick with it at least for the time being. That is a good choice for casual video editing. Cheer up. With only a few clicks, you can have it available on your laptop. First, a word of warning: if you search on “Movie Maker” or something equivalent, do not simply click on one of the top choices. Be sure to look at the URL before clicking. A lot of sites would like to lure you away from Microsoft to their location. I found what you need here: this is an official link to a Microsoft site about Movie Maker. You can simply follow the instructions or, if you prefer, first check out this YouTube video.

The soundtrack can be distracting, but the video shows how to do it.

For the uses that you indicate, Movie Maker is probably your best choice. If you want to move up a bit without too much of a learning curve, watch the ads until Adobe Premiere Elements goes on sale. (It is usually bundled with Photoshop Elements, another good thing to have.) Premiere Elements will give you some more power in titling, audio control, special effects, and transitions without either breaking the bank or taking a year to learn how to use.

So what have you produced? Have you made anything you would be willing to share?

Image: Microsoft Movie Maker