Mac mini plus HDTV

Mac mini Plus HDTV Vs. iMac

Sagi Alagem writes:

I was wondering what would be a better solution for my wife and me: buying a 29″-26″ flatscreen for our bedroom and match it with a Mac mini, or just buying an iMac? We need a stationary computer for basic usage that doesn’t compromise on quality and performance. We live in Denmark and it seems that the prices are more affordable with buying a flat screen and a Mac mini and we will be able to connect other devices that we have. Will the different screen for the Mac mini, take away from the experience that we like so much? Also, is it comfortable to work for hours on document editing and such for long periods of time on a flat screen?

Mac mini plus HDTV
Will a Mac mini and an HDTV together work out better than an iMac?

I think I understand your question, and it seems like you’d be making a better decision by getting a dedicated HDTV (flat screen) and connecting it to a Mac mini instead of buying a full on iMac. The iMac is primarily a computer and may not have the various input and output options that you might want for home entertainment. Whereas the dedicated HDTV would allow you to connect the Mac mini to it and then allow you to connect other devices like a streaming box or a games console.

The Mac mini has always been a fantastic computer. It’s tiny, quiet, and yet powerful enough to rival the average computer. Today’s choice in HDTVs (flat screens) should allow you to find one that will give you the quality and performance that you require without breaking the bank.

I have an older Mac mini and use it to run the feed at, with my Google TV acting as its only monitor. It works out quite nicely for me, and should for you as well.

The Mac mini can be controlled by way of a wireless mouse. You can also use your iOS devices, assuming you have any, to control the Mac mini by way of various apps in the App Store, and most of these apps have a free trial version so you can find which one suits you before paying a couple of bucks for a full app.