No Sound Coming from PC HDMI to TV

Gary asks:

“I have an HDMI cable running from my computer to my LG TV. I do not hear any audio. What can I do?”

HDMIThis is a very common problem, and the solution is actually rather simple. HDMI is an audio device much like any other, and turning this feature on can be as easy as routing the audio through your HDMI port rather than the audio out cable on your PC.

To do this in Windows, find the volume control on the lower-right area of your taskbar. Right-click the icon and select Playback Devices. In this list, you’ll likely see either Digital Output Device (HDMI) or your television. If you don’t, right-click in the blank area of the Playback menu and check the boxes indicating that you would like to show disabled and/or disconnected devices.

If you see Digital Output Device (HDMI) or your television in the list, right-click the device and set it as default. You may need to restart any programs playing audio if sound doesn’t come through right away.

If HDMI (or your television) does not appear in the list, you may be in one of two situations. Either your video card does not support audio as part of its connection (more common on older cards and/or machines), or you need to find the driver from the manufacturer. There’s a slim chance that S/PDIF might solve your problem, as well. It stands for Sony-Philips Digital Interface Format and is the most likely output device for digital audio outside of HDMI. It would be unlikely that selecting this device would cause audio to stream through HDMI, but it’s worth a shot if nothing else works.

You may also want to troubleshoot from the television and/or settop box you’re plugging into. Not all televisions treat audio the same way, and it’s possible your set defaults the volume on different input devices down to zero.