How to Stream One Computer to Another Wirelessly for Free

At LockerGnome.net, Rhall95 asks:

Is there a way that I can wirelessly stream the screen from my desktop computer to my laptop, which is connected by HDMI to my TV? Can I do it for free?

Thanks in advance!

How to Stream One Computer to Another Wirelessly for FreeGreat question! There are a few ways to do this, and some of them are better than others depending on your home network setup.

The first method I’d recommend trying comes by way of VLC. Did you know you can set up a desktop stream and send it to another system on your home network? This stream acts like a pure video feed from one device to another, and all you need to make it work is a home network with both systems connected.

It’s a little more complex than click and play, but it’ll get you up and running.

The second method is Spashtop Remote Streamer. This app will allow you to stream your desktop (and allow your other system to take control remotely) with very little setup or manual adjustments required. The great benefit of this is being able to connect to your PC or Mac via mobile devices running Android and iOS in addition to other desktops and laptops. This isn’t entirely free, but the price is a negligible $2-10 for the mobile client. Desktop to desktop streaming is either free or available at a small fee depending on the deal going on at the time.

Splashtop uses your Google account to make your remote systems available across the Web. Local network connections will always give you the best experience, but you could take control and stream your desktop at home from anywhere in the world with the same app. It’s really quite useful. You can also connect several systems at the same time without having to worry about additional fees. You receive audio and video streams through this setup with very low latency, depending on your connection speed.

Finally, I’d be tarred and feathered if I didn’t recommend UltraVNC and other open source VNC applications. This might not be the best solution for video streaming, but it does work very well in a local network capacity. You might need to know a thing or two about networking to get it to work, but you’ll never encounter a fee or have to go through a middle-man server to connect to other systems in your personal chain. It really is a great solution for remote access and desktop streaming.