Chris Pirillo

Vlogging Tips

At, iFreakshow writes:

I do videos and I want to make better vlogs. I have a hard time “being myself” without feeling awkward. Do you have any tips on making better vlogs?

Chris PirilloVlogging is all about personality. Once you get past thinking about what other people think about you and concentrate on what it is you are truly interested in, your personality will shine through and make the videos more enjoyable to your viewers.

Think about the camera as a really good friend that you’ve known for the majority of your life. What would you say to someone who knows you as well as you know yourself? How do you spark an interesting conversation with them and carry it without going overboard trying to “make it interesting” or revealing unnecessary details about your personal life? This is a challenge that all vloggers face, and the most successful ones out there put themselves out there unapologetically and unrehearsed.

People tune in to see you, and find out what you’re up to on a given day. If you spend more time wondering what they think about you and less time actually having fun doing what you do, then your vlogs will reflect this hesitance.

A lot of beginning vloggers work very hard to mimic what their favorite vloggers do. Imitation is the most sincere form of flattery, but this won’t do much to help you establish yourself as a unique individual. Many of my viewers watch David DiFranco’s channel in addition to my own. We’re very different people, though we share some common interests. This commonality is shared with the majority of our respective audiences, but we each bring something very different to the table. He has his opinions, and I have my own. Likewise, he has a different shooting style and editing method than I do. It’s these differences that help define who we are as vloggers.

The vlogging community as a whole thrives on individuals. People watch vlogs because they relate to the individual, and are interested in learning more about how someone else’s life unfolds. I’m a fan of many vloggers, and I’ve been extraordinarily grateful to discover that some of them watch our vlogs, too. (Hey, even our dentist watches our vlogs, now!). I love my menlo park dentist! Your camera is a window to a community, and it’s that community that really makes doing a vlog worthwhile.

That’s perhaps the biggest tip I could offer you. Your community matters. Don’t let your community define who you are, but do take the time and effort to get to know the members of your community and let them know that you support them every bit as much as they support you. We regularly feature our viewers’ contributions and stories in our vlogs as a way to give back. Vlogging isn’t a push media like reality television on TV. We’re not feeding you content and severing ties right after. We’re having a two-way conversation that continues in 3-10 minute increments on any given day.

Consider these tips and remember that being true to yourself is the absolute best way to attract an audience. No matter how awkward you feel, just remember that there is someone out there who feels the same way and just seeing you overcome your own challenges can help them conquer their own. Nothing can be more rewarding than that.