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Best Microsoft Surface Cases

At, CoatsyJnr writes:

I recently started to watch Chris’ videos and love them by the way, but I’m posting this to see if you guys would recommend a case for my Microsoft Surface. I have had a look at iPad cases, but since the Surface is 10.6″ and the iPad is 9.7″, the cases are too small. I am currently looking at the grip cases and was specifically looking at the MacBook Air 11″ one. The only problem is that school is giving us 13″ MacBook Airs next year, so I don’t know if I should get the 13″ instead. Please let me know what you think and possibly make some recommendations. I am also looking at getting a screen protector, but don’t know if there is one outside of eBay and Amazon.

MoKo CaseThis is a great question. Typically, accessories come when the market appears to be responding well to a product. The Microsoft Surface is still trying to find its way in the world. It’s hard for many accessory makers to justify the time and expense to produce cases and screen protectors specifically designed for a product with very little market share. This is why there are so many different iPad cases and relatively few cases for some of the less popular Android devices out there. It isn’t because Android is less popular, but because that particular device has a fraction of the market share in that area.

Microsoft’s Surface is no exception to this rule. That doesn’t mean there aren’t a few good accessories out there to be found. Outside of the Microsoft Store, Amazon and eBay really are the best places to find these things online. That’s not to say they’re the only places.

MoKo makes a really interesting case for the Microsoft Surface that includes a handle you can use to hold the Surface in your palm easily. The fact that it can be found for under $20 is a great bonus.

For screen protectors, few brands have worked as well for me as Zagg. Though you can’t find it in most places, Zagg makes an Invisible Shield screen protector specifically for the Surface. It runs a little under $50 and should do a good job of protecting it.