Can Developers Decide the iOS Vs. Android War?

At, Rahul247rocks writes:

One of the main reasons iOS does so well is because the average quality of all of its apps seem much better than its Android counterparts. Do you think it’s the developers who can shape the mobile OS industry more than Google or Apple?

Can developers decide the outcome of the Android vs iOS war?
Can developers decide the outcome of the Android vs. iOS war?

The average quality of the apps on both sides of the equation, assuming you’re talking only Android and iOS, are pretty good — for the most part. If you give a developer a decent set of APIs, then he/she can build a decent app. However, you’ll always get new developers who have thrown themselves in at the deep end and wind up creating apps that are just buggy, to say the least. It’s unfair to say that iOS is “much better” than Android in this aspect, because Android has some great apps. But Apple’s closed garden approach to app acceptance into its App Store does seem to weed out some of the less… let’s say useful and ready for prime time apps that get created.

It’s a completely mixed bag when it comes to this question. Yes, developers have the power to shape what API they have native to the OS and even what apps are native to the OS. However, most developers develop for Android and iOS and Windows Phone. Unless Google, Apple, Microsoft, or BlackBerry do something to anger their developers to the extent of leaving the platform, there will be no problem.

Developers have the power to make Google, Apple, Microsoft, and BlackBerry think about their strategy, but the rest is up to Google, Apple, Microsoft, and BlackBerry. It’s the apps that make the device, in my opinion, but a lot of these apps are built for more than one platform. So, no, I don’t think it’s just the developers; I think it depends on the implementation of the platform’s strategy.

I agree that, without great developers, there would be no great apps, but this may be in spite of the hurdles that they’re forced to jump in creating across platforms rather than because of them. The bottom line is that the smart developers will adapt and continue creating apps for the platforms that keep selling. After all, the average consumer doesn’t care all that much about what’s under the hood, as long as it runs.

Image: Androids Eat Apples by laihiu (via Flickr)