Does A HDMI Port Matter On An All-In-One PC?

Does an HDMI Port Matter on an All-in-One PC?

Ravtoy writes:

I want to purchase the new 20-inch Sony Tap, but one complaint mentioned in a few reviews I have read is the lack of HDMI ports on this PC all-in-one device.

First, what is your opinion of this new type of PC; second, is the lack of HDMI ports really that big an issue, or is it a preference thing with the user/reviewer? I do not have an HDMI port on my current three-year-old Windows 7 PC and can’t think of any reason I would miss it on this new device unless there is new technology coming that would utilize it and make it a must-have feature.

I hope I have been clear in my explanation of concerns, and thank you in advance for any input you may have and taking the time to read my question. I really do appreciate all the knowledge you share and this new section for LockerGnome questions.

Does an HDMI Port Matter on an All-in-One PC?
Does an HDMI port matter on an all-in-one PC?

To answer the first part of your question, I like these new form factors within the PC market. In fact, we reviewed one of these all-in-one style designs not so long ago. I’m sure that John “Scotsman” McKinlay would tell you that the all-in-one PC that he got from PCSpecialist was a great machine. His did have an HDMI port, but that was because of the Nvidia graphics card that was added to the machine.

As to the second part of your question, an HDMI port is not really a necessity these days. If any new hardware you buy absolutely requires it, you can always get an adapter. You probably wouldn’t want the machine’s display to be any larger than its current size (the most conceivable use for an HDMI port) as the quality would be compromised; luckily, the Sony Tap’s 20-inch screen is pretty big on its own, so you may not even be tempted to find out!

I hope this helps.

Image: Giant Tablet is Giant by ScaarAT (via Flickr)