Would a NAS be better than paying for cloud storage?

Cloud Storage Vs. NAS (Network-Attached Storage)

Want a simple answer to the cloud storage vs. NAS (network-attached storage) dilemma? Thesarcasticook writes:

Hi, Chris!

I’m starting to get into the idea of cloud storage and have actually used up my free space in both Dropbox and Google Drive. I really don’t want to pay monthly fees. I found this device by Western Digital called My Net N900. When I read about it, it sounded amazing on paper. I wanted to get your view on this; is it worth getting NAS (network-attached storage) like My Net N900 rather than paying monthly for offsite cloud storage? And have you used one yourself? Would really appreciate the help. Thanks!

Cloud storage vs. NAS
Cloud storage vs. NAS

Ah, the old cloud storage vs. NAS dilemma. We could talk at great lengths about the pros and cons of either choice, but let’s keep things simple this time around. I’ve taken a look at My Net N900, but I don’t quite understand why you would want what amounts to a secondary router in your house. The My Net N900 Central seems to be the device that you mean, which would completely replace your router and has the added benefit of 1-2 TB of storage to be used like a “personal cloud.”

However, My Net N900 Central costs anywhere between $250-$325, depending on your need for 1-2 TB of storage space. If you need 2 TB, then My Net N900 Central would be cheaper than buying storage from Dropbox and certainly cheaper than Google Drive. But it might be a little overkill for your needs, if I guess correctly.

I haven’t used a router-come-network drive, but I have spoken about network drives before on the channel. Honestly, the My Net N900 router might be overkill for your needs; Western Digital has its My Book Live range, which runs between $60-$400 and goes up to 6 TB of storage without the need for a new router.

Cloud storage vs. NAS? Well, there are hundreds of choices out there for network drives that essentially give you a personal cloud instead of having to pay for Dropbox, Google Drive, Box, or others like them. I’d suggest that you take a look around the marketplace a bit more and find NAS that simply suits your needs and your price point.

I hope that helps.

Image: NAS by woolennium via Flickr