Name Your Own Price Indie Gamer Bundle

Indie Gamer Bundle: Name Your Own PriceIs there a place in the world for the name your own price players, anymore?

Modern humanity has gotten a bit spoiled. Indoor plumbing is a sweet deal, sure, but nowadays we don’t even have to trudge down to a video store to pick up the evening’s movie selections; we’ve got everything streaming and on demand right into our homes — heck, even our phones — whenever whimsy dictates.

It’s easy to complain about things in our modern world, but maybe we’re taking a little too much for granted. Maybe we should be grateful for how good we’ve got it and just accept certain inevitabilities of life — like death and taxes, as they say. Also: set price tags. While our society is used to having many choices, there are certain limits — lines, if you will — that we just don’t cross. If a merchant has something that we want, it’s accepted that said merchant will also tell us how much it will cost us to transfer their coveted goods into our possession. Unless you’re down at the flea market, some dusty bazaar in the shadow of ancient monuments, or wherever the local Jawas have decided to pull over their sandcrawler, striking a deal — haggling for the best bargain — is not usually something we’re accustomed to doing, anymore. The cashier at Target will call over a manager (and probably security, too) if you try and talk them into knocking a few bucks off the six-pack of boxer briefs you’re trying to secure for later comfort and support.

A price is a price: take it or leave it!

Happily, a few indie gaming developers understand your frustration, bargain seekers. They’ve decided to say “nuts to that!” and offer the Name Your Own Price Indie Gamer Bundle to you fine LockerGnome readers for a limited time.

But what the heck does “name your own price” mean? I understand your confusion. This isn’t a concept we’re used to, so wrapping your brain around it may take a talking through.

“Name your own price” is, surprisingly, not a sucker-punching euphemism designed to sell you on the idea of one thing while giving you quite another. It’s actually exactly as it sounds. The Name Your Own Price Indie Gamer Bundle gives you a bundle of up to six independent games that would normally cost $62 on their own for the low, low price of… whatever you want to spend.

No catch. No fooling. At the time of this writing, all you have to do is beat the average price of $4.16 offered by other gamers to get all six games (or pay a custom price of less to get all but the top three listed here):

  • Blades of Time
  • SpaceChem
  • Cubemen
  • iBomber Defense
  • Aztaka
  • The Journey Down: Chapter 1

To really sweeten the deal, 10% of your purchase will go to the charity of your choice: Child’s Play, World Wildlife Fund, or Creative Commons.

And if you want to proclaim your philanthropy (and love of gaming) to the world, you can top the leaderboard by paying more than anyone else (currently $42)!

Name Your Own Price Indie Gamer Bundle