Why GoToMeeting is Better Than Google+ Hangouts

This is a sponsored post written on behalf of Citrix. All opinions are 100% my own.

Why GoToMeeting is Better Than Google+ HangoutsIt would be very difficult to argue that Google+ Hangouts haven’t at least changed the way many business professionals think about telecommuting. While this simple and seemingly universally acceptable solution is great for catching up with friends, it doesn’t address all the needs a business might have in coordinating with coworkers, clients, and potential investors.

Consider this: in order to use Google+ Hangouts, you must have a Google+ account. This is a lofty barrier for folks who are wary of Google’s services. It might seem like a simple and logical solution to you, but you’d be surprised how many people have intentionally avoided services hosted by companies like Google, Facebook, and even Microsoft. Why force someone to subscribe to a platform they don’t readily trust?

GoToMeeting by Citrix is a feasible middle ground that answers many of the privacy and security concerns that might have someone you want to meet with hesitant to meet with you virtually. GoToMeeting is simple and easy to use. Invitees receive an email with detailed instructions allowing them to join the meeting via their computer, smart phone, tablet, or even a land line if an Internet connection isn’t readily accessible.

In addition, you get the ability to share your desktop, display high-definition video, draw and highlight on the screen, and even switch between presenters to give the floor to any member of the meeting in attendance. All of this is done away from a social network that may or may not be actively blocked by your local IT department.

Google+ offers a lot of these features, and it’s hard to beat the free price tag, but you don’t get a promise of absolute privacy and nearly universal accessibility as you do with GoToMeeting. It’s one of the few services that is actually recommended by many of the most highly respected security groups in the corporate world today. GoToMeeting is employed by companies ranging from small startups to giant corporations.

Angie’s List, a growing organization that relies heavily on telecommuting and remote support for its partners, puts its trust in GoToMeeting. A case study recently released by Citrix revealed how Angie’s List is using GoToMeeting to simplify its business processes by making collaboration between teams easier than before.

Whether your company is working with a small team, or expanding to include offices around the world, GoToMeeting by Citrix is perhaps one of the most innovative products currently available that can both simplify and improve collaboration, efficiency, and internal communication. When it comes to your business, you really can’t put a price tag on good communication. Citrix just makes it easily affordable.