Portable Cellphone Charger Fits on Your Wrist

Portable Cellphone Charger Fits on Your Wrist
Are you looking for a decent portable cellphone charger? The TsirTech universal wrist band gadget charger with built-in battery may be what you seek. [Image: Amazon]
With the advent of the cellphone, the need for a wristwatch has faded into the sunset. No matter where you are in the world, your cellphone will provide you with the exact date and time. So what better way to replace an empty wrist than with something that’s actually functional with what’s replaced the watch’s space, like a TsirTech portable cellphone charger? This is a handy gadget that can be used anywhere — on a plane, boat, or in a car — and it gives you immediate access to a backup battery supply for your cellphone and many of your electronic toys and gadgets.

Portable Cellphone Charger is for Everyone

The portable cellphone charger from TsirTech offers the following features:

  • Portable wrist charger with wristwatch design
  • LED displays power usage and reserve battery available
  • Charger turns off after one minute of non-use to conserve energy
  • Charger alerts user when battery needs charging
  • Supports a variety of electronic products

Portable Cellphone Charger is Handy, Stylish, and Portable

Many of us, myself included, own a traditional battery charger that we carry in our pocket, purse, or laptop case. Coming in various shapes, sizes, and battery capacity, the problem with these types of battery backups is that we need to have them with us at all times in order to find them practical. I recall a recent flight to the east coast during which I had inadvertently placed my battery charger inside of the suitcase that was checked onto the aircraft — quite out of reach unless I wanted to reenact the wingwalking antics of Ormer Locklear. About two hours away from my destination and with my battery starting to fizzle out, it’s only then that I remembered my error. Oops.

In a case such as I have described above, a portable cellphone charger that fit on my wrist would have been a life saver. Okay, maybe not a life saver, but an entertainment saver for the remaining two hours I had left to fly. Having a portable cellphone charger on your wrist ensures that you will always have a steady supply of juice to extend the pleasure you receive from your cellphone, tablet, or other electronic devices you carry around with you.