An aFe Intake System Can Enhance Automobile Performance

aFe Intake System Can Enhance Automobile Performance
An aFe intake system can enhance automobile performance. [Image shared by aFe]
An aFe intake system (the aFe stands for advanced flow engineering) is relatively inexpensive and can dramatically enhance the performance of your automobile. These cold air intake systems fit on many different types of cars, though you have to select the assembly that works properly with your vehicle. Cold air intake systems can add power and torque to your automobile by providing an increased flow of cold air to your engine.

What is an aFe Intake System?

aFe intake systems are aftermarket part assemblies that typically consist of large, conical filters that are designed to increase air flow to the engine, which are housed in steel heat shields or plastic boxes that keep out hot air and direct cold air into the filter. Specially designed intake tubes take the air directly into the engine.

How Does an Intake System Work?

Cold air has a higher density than hot air, so cold air has a higher volume of oxygen, which feeds the combustion process in the engine. With the use of the heat shield and a large intake, the cold air intake system funnels cooler air more efficiently into the engine.

What Can an aFe Intake System Do for Your Vehicle?

With an aFe intake system, you can gain power, torque, and efficiency for your engine at a relatively low cost. You can expect to gain 20-40 horsepower from a cold air intake system. An intake system like this also affords low end gains in towing power and torque increases of 35-60 pounds per foot. With an efficiency increase, you can achieve a higher miles-per-gallon rate as well. Cold air intake systems like this can run you anywhere between $200 to $400. Even on the high end, this is not an expensive upgrade.

Installation of an Intake System

Installation of an assembly like this only takes 45 to 90 minutes. All you have to do is remove your vehicle’s stock air box and intake tract and install the intake system. No engine work or heavy modifications are necessary.

Any Side Effects of an Intake System?

Besides improving your automobile’s power, torque, and efficiency, cold air intake systems are said to change the noise of your engine. aFe intake systems produce a throatier growl due to the large, open intake. Many drivers actually prefer this new sound, as it makes their engine sound more powerful. Additionally, for some cold air intake systems, there is an increased danger of water getting into the engine due to the wider, exposed intake. However, this only applies in more extreme conditions, such as with flooding or fording rivers.

Intake System Conclusion

For the low price and the relative ease of installation, the aFe intake system is an excellent performance upgrade to buy for your car. You can add on horsepower points, increase your torque, and upgrade the efficiency of your engine without making any major modifications, all with the increased flow of fresh, cold air. Shop for an aFe intake system today and enjoy the increased performance of your car.

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