Portal 2 Sentry Turret – Collect All 20

Portal 2 Sentry Turret
Would you like a Portal 2 Sentry Turret to guard your person? Unfortunately, this one just sits pretty. Maybe the other 19 in this collectible set will be more threatening? [Image shared by Amazon]
“This next test involves turrets. You remember them, right? They’re the pale, spherical things that are full of bullets. Oh, wait. That’s you in five seconds. Good luck.” — GLaDOS, Portal 2

I’m sure any fan of the Valve titles Portal or Portal 2 would love to have a 3-inch collectible figurine of a menacingly cute Portal 2 Sentry Turret — in my opinion, the most adorable killing machines ever invented for a video game.

NECA, The maker of this set of turrets, has made collecting them a lot of fun. You get a random figurine in a blind box, and there are a total of 20 to collect: 10 in their open configuration, and 10 in their closed configuration.

Why Would I Want a Portal 2 Sentry Turret?

To further quote from the game:

“[Science] isn’t about why. It’s about why not.” — Cave Johnston

The whole point of owning a Portal 2 Sentry Turret is to proclaim, loudly and proudly to the world, that you’re a Portal or Portal 2 fan. There’s nothing quite like coming across a fellow fan of the series and knowing that they, too, do their thinking with portals. It’s the modern version of thinking outside of the box.

Do you like thinking outside of the box?

Or perhaps you prefer thinking inside the box — thinking about what kind of Portal 2 Sentry Turret you’re going to receive in the post, perhaps? I know that I will be ordering three, or five, or 20 of them! I could get them one by one or as an entire army! Oh, the power I shall wield! The power!

What would you do with your Portal 2 Sentry Turret (or 20)?