Star Trek Jewelry for the Starfleet Stylish

Star Trek Jewelry for the Starfleet Stylish
Star Trek jewelry ensures that you’re Starfleet stylish, as demonstrated here by officer Diana Pirillo of the USS Yankovic. [Image shared by Star Scores: Episode III]
Got Star Trek jewelry? When you’re sent out on a five-year mission to boldly go where no man has gone before, you have to stop and take stock of your surroundings and your supplies. Being a member of the esteemed Starfleet is sort of like being an interstellar Boy Scout; are you prepared for what’s out there? You need to expect the unexpected.

Sadly, what’s not so unexpected is that being a woman boldly going where no man has gone before gets you the same attitude that has prevailed since well before the 24th century: the boys’ club is trying to pretend like it’s doing you some kind of favor for letting you tag along when you’re probably the one responsible for saving the entire crew from certain doom more times than James Tiberius Kirk has initiated interspecies hanky panky.

Star Trek Jewelry Looks Good on Humanoids from Every Star System

Adorned in attractive Star Trek jewelry or not, you’re probably tired of being counted out because of a simple and ultimately arbitrary thing like gender. Heck, the term “man” isn’t even just sexist, it’s also speciesist — it’s short for “Human,” for crying out loud! You think a Klingon Starfleet officer like Worf surges into battle with the mindset that he’s the best man for the job? Heck, no. He’s above all that nonsense. If you’re a Human woman going on bold adventures while proudly displaying the Starfleet emblem, you’ve probably learned to overcome such nonsense, too.

And you also probably know that “be prepared” isn’t just the motto for Boy Scouts, either. Girl Scouts learn how to be just as prepared and usually know how to do it with class, style, and sophistication that escapes their brutish male partners in scouting. (But, hey, if you’re a Boy Scout who is confident enough to wear Star Trek jewelry in the company of potentially scoffing peers, more power to you!) Human, Vulcan, Klingon, Romulan, Bajoran, Andorian, Q, Cardassian, Betazoid, Gorn, Ferengi, and others are joining the Starfleet stylish bandwagon every day.

Probably not Borg, though. Those cube-dwelling assimilators have their own special kind of Star Trek jewelry that appeals to a completely different set of bling seekers best avoided by most autonomous sentients who prefer to stay that way.