Houdini Lock Puzzle – Can You Make the Great Escape?

Houdini Lock Puzzle Brain Teaser
Amaze and mystify your friends with the Houdini Lock Puzzle. [Image shared by Amazon]
Though he passed away the greater part of a century ago, the name of Harry Houdini is still reverently whispered by modern escape artists the world over as being at the pinnacle of his craft. As a genius might be genuinely flattered when referred to as an “Einstein,” a master of the art of escape can take great pleasure in being called a “Houdini.”

And now even those of us who have an appreciation of the art without the desire to take things to a death-defying level can have a little fun in the old wizard’s name with the Houdini Lock Puzzle, a brain teaser that will take the boredom out of locking up your valuables.

The Houdini Lock Puzzle Will Tease Your Brain and Your Patience

We can all recall those first years in junior high school, or maybe high school, when we had to secure our valuables in a locker. Whether we did so with a combination lock or a key lock, the use of either may now seem outdated and downright boring. But with the introduction of the Houdini Lock Puzzle, you can get in touch with your inner escape artist and try to outwit the mechanism that opens and closes this crafty little padlock.

Once you’ve mastered the trick behind the Houdini Lock Puzzle, you can utilize it as a safeguard against theft of your valuables by others. Until then, however, I’d recommend against locking up anything you might be in a hurry to retrieve — the gym locker before work may be a poor time to test your lockpicking skills, but if you learn best under pressure, more power to you!

Hey, it worked for Houdini himself, and he was usually playing against the powers of life and death — a much bigger gamble than being late for work, I suppose. (I also suppose it all depends on what you do for a living.)

Can You Solve the Houdini Lock Puzzle?

Houdini was known first and foremost as being an escape artist, but he wasn’t too shoddy at being a master of illusion, either. He could perform magic among the best of ’em, it’s said. I’m not disputing this fact, but I have to go with the act that I’ve seen with my own eyes; since I wasn’t around when Houdini was on the circuit, I have to tip my hat to David Copperfield.

My wife and I had a chance to see David Copperfield in Las Vegas a few years ago, and it was a fantastic display. While he didn’t perform the type of escape trick for which Houdini was primarily famous, I can appreciate the showmanship that I was able to witness firsthand. If Houdini was even half as good at coaxing “oohs” and “ahhs” from his audience as Mr. Copperfield, it’s no wonder he’s still admired by masters of the craft today.

Maybe after some time fiddling with the Houdini Lock Puzzle, you can appreciate his work from this side of the great beyond — and pass it on!