Star Trek Door Chime: High-Tech Solution to Low-Tech Problem

Star Trek Door Chime
While it may seem like a high-tech solution to a low-tech problem, the Star Trek Door Chime is how they roll in the 23rd century. [Image shared by Star Scores: Episode III]
Why in the worlds would anyone need a Star Trek Door Chime? Whatever happened to old-fashioned knocking? Well, the reasons may not stretch far beyond “because it’s fun,” but here’s another perspective: why in the worlds wouldn’t anyone need a Star Trek Door Chime? Why settle for old-fashioned when there’s a perfectly technological solution for your need to make someone on the other side of a door aware that you require their immediate attention?

In the retro-futuristic world of Gene Roddenberry’s Star Trek — the OG (Original Generation) version, that is — we experienced a USS Enterprise that still had to stock up on supplies instead of whisking them into existence with a molecule-manipulating replicator, and a time when the crew probably had to rely on more mundane entertainment (like, say, books and movies) than the holodeck that the Next Generation would go on to enjoy 70ish years later.

A Star Trek Door Chime At Every Doorway?

This was the low-cut and high-hemmed Kirk-helmed Enterprise — Mad Men in space with less booze and airborne carcinogens — when boldly going where no man or woman or child or wildebeest or Vulcan or other representative of the United Federation of Planets had gone before came with certain hazards that would be fondly looked back upon by the aforementioned Next Generation as quaint. There were no system-assimilating Borg hordes, but you had open hostilities with jacked-up Klingons (“we do not discuss it with outsiders”). You didn’t have to keep up with the Cardassians (or Kardashians, for that matter), but you had trouble with Tribbles. And you couldn’t always open a door with the sound of your voice, but pressing a button on a Star Trek Door Chime could do the trick just fine.

This inexpensive piece of sci-fi nostalgia is as functional as any you’d find on NCC-1701, giving off a satisfying “swoosh” in times of peace, or a throbbing red alert call to action in times of conflict. As an extra bonus, three AA batteries will power your Star Trek Door Chime if you’re fresh out of dilithium crystals.

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