Tactical Cooked Bacon in a Can Means Comfort

Tactical Cooked Bacon in a Can Means Comfort
Tactical Cooked Bacon in a Can is ideal for camping trips, picnics, motel visits, and waiting out natural — and unnatural — disasters. [Image shared by Amazon]
Tactical Cooked Bacon in a Can is a must-have staple to keep your energy up if and when the zombie apocalypses strikes. Right now most of you who are reading this article are wondering what kind of a nut believes in zombies? I don’t know. How many different types of nuts are there?

Significantly more than there are varieties of pork, I’d venture.

But a zombie apocalypse is just one of the more extreme cases where having Tactical Cooked Bacon in a Can on hand could be quite useful.

Got Bacon in a Can?

Of course, as anyone who has ever gone camping knows, one of the biggest problems one can encounter is how to keep items cold and free from spoiling. One such staple is bacon, because no one can deny that bacon cooking out in the middle of the forest is a real treat. In fact, the very smell of bacon arouses the taste buds and along with a cup of hot java is a real morning eye opener to your day.

But what if you are in an area where fires have been banned due to extreme weather conditions, such as drought? Does this mean you ave to forego your morning fix of bacon? Not if you have a can of Tactical Cooked Bacon in your backpack.

Other handy features of Tactical Cooked Bacon in a Can include:

  • It comes in a sealed metal can (hence its very name).
  • It’s cooked (hence its very name), fully prepared, and ready to eat.
  • It has a 10+ year shelf life.
  • It’s perfect for camping, hunting, zombie standoffs, and other scenarios that may or may not involve the end of the world.
  • Its net weight is 9 oz.

What Other Uses Would Tactical Cooked Bacon in a Can Have?

Though I have mentioned having the bacon along for a camping trip, I was wondering what other uses Tactical Cooked Bacon in a Can would have. I know that I am a huge fan of the traditional BLT sandwich. I have also stayed in hotel rooms that include small refrigerators. So if I bring some bread, mayo, sliced tomatoes, and cleaned lettuce with me on an overnight trip, I could easily make a BLT right in my motel room.

However, since it is guaranteed to have a shelf life of 10+ years, Tactical Cooked Bacon in a Can is the perfect food choice for the survivalist on your list. This great protein source would be a real treat, allowing you the comfort of your favorite BLT sandwich during an otherwise comfortless time.

Get your own Tactical Cooked Bacon in a Can from Amazon and be prepared for any calamity!