The Walking Dead Michonne Action Figure

The Walking Dead Michonne Action Figure
The Walking Dead Michonne Action Figure celebrates the mysterious woman who uses a katana and zombie “pets” to keep the walking dead (and most people) at bay. [Image shared by Amazon]
Soon, everyone’s favorite zombie-covered, comic book-based soap opera, The Walking Dead, will be hitting AMC’s airwaves in a much-anticipated season four. While everyone has a favorite character, it’s wise not to get too attached. Like George R. R. Martin and HBO’s Game of Thrones, main characters don’t always make it from one chapter or season to the next. Luckily, the mysterious, katana-wielding, warrior woman of few words Michonne was still standing last time we checked, and The Walking Dead Michonne Action Figure celebrates her introduction to the series.

When we first met her at the tail end of season two (consider this a spoiler alert for those who aren’t quite caught up with the series), Michonne appears as a faceless, hooded figure who, with two armless zombies chained to her — like pets — in tow, saves an exhausted Andrea when the group scatters from yet another herd of walking dead. Those not familiar with the character from the comic book were taken by surprise and wondered what this silent stranger’s back story could be — and how she would figure into the future of the group in the coming season.

The Walking Dead Michonne Action Figure is a Fan Favorite

Designed by the quality-conscious folks at McFarlane Toys, The Walking Dead Michonne Action Figure comes complete with two “pet” walkers as well as Michonne’s signature katana (with sheath) and removable poncho. The walkers even have removable arms and bottom jaws, along with neck chains and removable backpacks — one includes a removable shotgun so Michonne has backup if her katana ever gets stuck in some hapless zombie’s skull (or the skull of a human who dares to cross her)!

Whether you plan on playing with The Walking Dead Michonne Action Figure, giving it as a gift to your favorite Walking Dead fanatic, or displaying it proudly among a vast collection of action figures, its value should increase over time rather than diminish — so consider it a wise investment.

Get your own Walking Dead Michonne Action Figure at Amazon and it’ll get to you before the next season starts!