Minecraft Creeper Mask is the New Halloween Horror

Minecraft Creeper Mask
“Dude in the Minecraft Creeper Mask never even bothered to say ‘trick or treat.’ All I heard was ‘ssssSS!’ and it was game over, man!” [Image shared by Pirillo Picks Gift Guide]
“That sure is a nice Halloween party you have there. It would be a shame if anything happened to it.” This October 31st, why be a run-of-the-mill blockhead when you can deck yourself out in a full-on Minecraft Creeper Mask to creep out your Minecraft-loving buddies? Sure, anyone can be a posh witch or a sparkling vampire, but aren’t we ready for some truly new and terrifying monsters to take on the Halloween scene for a change?

Just don this Minecraft Creeper Mask, sneak up on your ideal victim, and say something clever, like, “You invade this pristine world, claiming it your own simply by your presence. You slaughter innocent animals for their hides and flesh. You devastate the landscape and gouge out the earth to build your monuments to vanity. Yet you call me the monster…”

But really, a simple “ssssSS!” will suffice if you can get up nice and close before they spot you. This may, however, cause an abrupt startle response wherein your mark will back up quickly enough to knock over the fine buffet of bat cookies, dry-ice fogged Ecto Cooler, and candy apples that you were hoping to hit up in the not-too-distant future. OopssssSS.

Minecraft Creeper Mask Makes You the Monster

Sure, it may look and feel like a big block of cardboard (with another bit of cardboard inside that Amazon user Evan Frangesh explains “is supposed to be put inside the top of the mask so that the mask doesn’t slip around; do not throw this piece away!”), but make no mistake: this Minecraft Creeper Mask is designed to scare fellow Minecraft fanatics on a level that non-Minecrafters couldn’t possibly understand. They’ll just think you’re probably trying to be a makeshift Frankenstein monster or something.


Get your own Minecraft Creeper Mask at Amazon and be the creepiest Creeper you can be!