Day of the Dead Corkscrew: Skeleton Key to Deliciousness

Day of the Dead Corkscrew: Skeleton Key to Deliciousness
This Day of the Dead Corkscrew wants to help you get your vino on. [Image shared by Amazon]
Proving without a doubt that skeletons are actually quite helpful, the Kikkerland Day of the Dead Corkscrew is a testament to their willingness to open all things from doors to treasure chests to wine bottles. Come to think of it, under the right vintner, a wine bottle is the best treasure chest of all. What is not known is the secret and 100% flagrant story of how this corkscrew came into being.

The not-so-famous Captain Cortez (no, not that one; this one wasn’t a murdering bastard) loved his wine. Sailors on his vessel never drank grog. Captain Cortez stocked his larder with the finest Tempranillo reds from the Rioja region of Southern Spain. To sail aboard his vessel was to develop a refined nose. His former boatswain went on to become the first pirate sommelier in all of Western Europe. When he began to sail under the Jolly Roger, it was said Captain Cortez would never plunder a vessel upon which he found a decent red. Needless to say, he was only known for being a small scourge of the open sea and died penniless on the Mexican Riviera. Oh, but he was rich in the grape. Captain Cortez had been saving a particularly rare vintage of his beloved Rioja red for such a time when he could retire from the seafaring life and clear the salt from his nostrils.

Dead Men Tell No Tales, But the Day of the Dead Corkscrew Will

Day of the Dead Corkscrew: Skeleton Key to Deliciousness
Where did you think old Walt got the idea? From an old salt, of course! [Image shared by Pirates of the Caribbean Wiki]
For exactly four hours and 57 minutes, there was a fierce debate about the fate of the crimson liquid. Cortez was returned from Davey Jones’ locker to claim his final sip. His now skeletal (sea creatures be remarkably hungry, ye know) form snatched the treasure-filled bottle and guzzled greedily. The fantastical scene was recorded by native locals and the legend was passed down through generations. All the way north to the California orange groves, and the handy folks at Kikkerland who created the Day of the Dead Corkscrew.

The opener is designed in the style of a Sugar Skull, which is an iconic image of the Day of the Dead holiday. It should prove to be a fabulous conversation starter as well as a handy way to retrieve yummy liquid from inside of glass bottles!

I would recommend grabbing your favorite Tempranillo and the Kikkerland Day of the Dead Corkscrew so you can toast to Captain Cortez and all the dearly departed wine lovers from your life.