Wolverine Hoodie Lets You Brood in Warmth and Style

Wolverine Hoodie Lets You Brood in Warmth and Style
A Wolverine Hoodie is perfect for brooding and staying warm in the Canadian wilderness, eh? [Image shared by Geek Gift Guide]
Have you ever met a superhero hoodie that you didn’t like? How about a Wolverine Hoodie?

One of the most compelling superheroes (some would say anti-heroes) of the Marvel Universe, Wolverine (born in the late 1880s as James “Logan” Howlett, because hippies weren’t invented yet to name their kids with monikers that would get them beaten up in school — like Moonbeam, or Sunshine, or, say, Wolverine) has been through a lot in an extended lifetime filled with a superhuman amount of grief, pain, and overall suffering. He’s usually seen as a bit of a grouch, but if you saw the world through his eyes, you’d be a bit of a grouch, too. And you’d spread your malaise with catchy little phrases, like:

“I’m the best there is at what I do. But what I do best isn’t very nice.”

Wolverine Hoodie Keeps You Warm without Sacrificing the Surly

Here’s a Wolverine Hoodie that lets you share the superhero’s many burdens and grouch freely without remorse. Plus it will keep you warm when you feel like brooding beneath the mask that covers your face and hides it from the cruel, cruel world. It’s 50% Cotton and 50% Polyester, but, like Wolverine himself, it’s 100% badass. It opens and closes with nearly magical zipper technology (not forged from adamantium, I’m afraid, but still sturdy enough for the needs of the ordinary human who would wear a Wolverine Hoodie). It can survive the rough and tumble washing, rinsing, and drying cycles of the most rigorous washers and dryers on the planet. Oh, and it’s certain to let you strike up conversations with other Wolverine and X-Men fans even if you’re as shy as a warehouse of J.D. Salinger clones.

And, like Kids in the Hall, William Shatner, Bob and Doug McKenzie, Peter Jennings, Leonard Cohen, Rush, Marshall McLuhan, the Trailer Park Boys, Gordon Lightfoot, Tommy Chong, Dan Aykroyd, Yvonne DeCarlo, Michael J. Fox, Linda Evangelista, Nomeansno, James Randi, Todd McFarlane, Cory Doctorow, Wayne Gretzky, Billy Bishop, Doug Henning, Samantha Bee, Bat Masterson, and Martin Short, Wolverine has one thing going for him that most of the rest of the world wishes they could claim:

He’s Canadian!

(I hope that makes up for the South Park inspired “Blame Canada” crack that Chris Pirillo made last week. We really do ♥ Canada.)

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