The Faceless Man Coin May Buy Your Life

The Faceless Man Coin in Iron
The Faceless Man Coin is used for identification by assassins in the Free City of Braavos who charge outrageous prices to ply their trade. [Image shared by Amazon]
The Faceless Man Coin is used as a token among members of a mysterious order of shapeshifting assassins from The Free City of Braavos in Essos known for being especially good at their job.

The Faceless Men are so named for their ability to change their appearance whenever required, making it easy for them to elude detection and succeed where other, lesser assassins fail.

In the brutal world of Game of Thrones, being able to call in a favor from the Faceless Men by flashing a coin like this one might just save your life.

The Faceless Man Coin is Handcrafted by an Artisan

The hand-crafted Faceless Man Coin, made of iron, is a must have for the avid Game of Thrones fan. Each individual coin is hand-punched from a single die by a lone artisan, and is 100% original. In a day and age when one expects products to be mass produced, it is refreshing to see one man take so much pride in producing these unique pieces.

  • The Faceless Man Coin has been officially licensed.
  • These are the same coins that were used by Arya Stark in the second season of Game of Thrones.
  • Each coin is hand-engraved from steel dies.
  • The coins are produced in metallurgical grade pure iron.
  • The coins are hand-polished and waxed.

Each Faceless Man Coin is Individually Handcrafted, Ensuring That No Two Coins Are Exactly Alike

By hand-stamping each coin one at a time, the artisan ensures that no two coins will look alike. Their mystique increases when one realizes that each coin is hand polished and waxed. For Game of Thrones fans, it is easy to see how one of these coins could actually be a used in a world of fantasy. I would highly recommend you keep this coin in a separate compartment from your regular coins so that you don’t accidentally mix it up with your spare change. It would be totally tragic to accidentally spend this coin at a convenience store, so guard this baby with your life.

The Faceless Man Coin may be made from iron rather than silver, but most Game of Thrones fans don’t seem to mind. Pick up a couple; you never know when having the help of a Faceless Man might just get you through another dangerous day.

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