The Bounty Hunter Code: Get the Drop on a Great Gift

The Bounty Hunter Code: Get the Drop on a Great Gift
Boba didn’t talk, he wrote. The Bounty Hunter Code is proof — and you can read it right now! [Image shared by Amazon]
Before his fall into the dangerous pit of the ravenous Sarlaac, it is rumored that Boba Fett compiled all the secrets of the Mandalorian Bounty Hunters in a volume entitled The Bounty Hunter Code: From the Files of Boba Fett. As being not only a lifelong fan of Star Wars, but Fett in particular, I cannot wait to get my hands on this! On a purely shallow level, it looks amazing. The branding is done subtly enough for this to sit on my coffee table and look good with my objects of a less nerdy origin. This is one of those items that manages to walk the fine line of being a piece of fandom that even those who are merely obsessed with design aside from the Star Wars Galaxy can be get behind.

The Bounty Hunter Code contains the most complete version of the Bounty Hunter’s Guild Handbook. Yes, Bounty Hunters had rules and honor, no matter how Mr. Lucas tried to paint them as hapless lapdogs to the Sith and crime lords of the galaxy. There are also the private journals of Cradossk on his rise to the top of the Crimson Trade.

The Bounty Hunter Code Will Teach You to Bounty Hunt for Riches, Glory, and Great Honor

The most exciting inclusion in The Bounty Hunter Code is the exposition of the Mandalorian secrets, particularly those of the Death Watch Guild and its deadly Death Watch Bunker. Speaking of the Death Watch Bunker, a little known fact about me is that I used to be a Game Master for Star Wars Galaxies. If you played, I may have miraculously raised your house back up to an enterable level if it sank beneath the world. By far, one of the most challenging aspects of the game was the DWB (Death Watch Bunker). You had to not only collect some less-than-simple recipes and components to make your “Mando,” but you had to keep a crafter alive long enough to get them down the Death Watch Bunker. As many times as I have seen this place as the absolute bane of gamers, I am beyond excited to read about the secrets of the guild that built it. There are also touching personal additions in here from Jango to Boba. It feels like holding a real piece of what turned an innocent clone into the most feared hunter of the original trilogy.

Okay maybe he did talk a little bit. I believe it is fairly well known that Lucas originally intended Fett to be a throwaway character, but the (mostly) silent stalker wound up as a template for creating the ultimate movie badass. He overcame his genetics to actually be a good shot, for Pete’s sake!

The Bounty Hunter Code: From the Files of Boba Fett is a testament to just how well-loved the dark bounty hunter became. As a bonus, if you order this before October 29, 2013, Boba will knock 40% off his fee!