Game of Thrones Mug with Greyjoy Sigil

Game of Thrones Mug
With this Game of Thrones Mug, you can drink your brew like a Greyjoy. That is, you can drink what used to be someone else’s brew like a Greyjoy. [Image shared by Amazon]
Being born into House Greyjoy of the bleak Iron Islands probably seems like a picnic on the face of it. With a motto that plainly states, “We Do Not Sow,” it’s expected that you will take what you want — through force or threat of force — from others who do sow. This is known as paying the iron price as opposed to the gold price, which is seen as a time-honored tradition among these coastal raiders.

Other houses see this so-called iron price as proof positive that House Greyjoy and the Ironborn are run by a bunch of jerks.

Surprisingly, no other houses have taken up the motto “Sow This,” but it’s probably just a matter of time.

Anyway, when you’re done ripping off everyone else and you’ve taken enough stuff that doesn’t belong to you, you can kick back and enjoy some pilfered ale in your Game of Thrones Mug decorated with the sigil — and motto — of House Greyjoy.

You May Not Sow, But You Can Drink Plenty with This Game of Thrones Mug at Hand

Though your methods may not be considered noble by the sourpuss have-nots, who’s the one with the castle and the table set for celebration? That’s right: you. You are the nobleman or noblewoman in this scenario, so you may as well hold your Game of Thrones Mug high and toast to your success. In a world this brutal, who knows what success — or lack thereof — awaits you on the morrow? It’s just as likely that you’ll overtake a landlocked stronghold you once called home as it is that you’ll be captured, tortured, and horribly mutilated.

This ceramic stein measures 6.5 x 5.5 x 5 inches, which is more than some Greyjoys can say these days…

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