Thor Mjolnir Replica Brings Hammer Down for Justice

Thor Mjolnir Replica Still Cool, Even If You Don't Have the Hair to Wield It
The Thor Mjolnir Replica will call down thunder upon your enemies! [Image shared by Amazon]
The luscious flowing locks that Chris Hemsworth sports when portraying they mighty Norse Thunder God Thor may not be within your reach, but thanks to this Thor Mjolnir Replica, his mighty weapon just may be. There are competing theories regarding the translation of the word Mjolnir. Some say it means “that which smashes,” and yet others claim the word has closer roots to “lightning.” As the titular character of both Thor movies and Norse mythology teaches us, they both work. This is a 1:1 ratio replica cast directly from the actual Mjolnir used by Thor in the Marvel movies.

The Thor Mjolnir Replica comes signed by Mr. Hemsworth himself and features an authentication certificate as well as a photo of the hammers being signed (which provides visual proof of the aforementioned, incredibly lustrous hair).

Thor Mjolnir Replica Still Cool, Even If You Don't Have the Hair to Wield It
Seriously, that hair! [Image shared by Amazon]
The hammer also includes a wooden stand that will display it at the exact angle in which it was pictured sticking up from the earth in the movie. This level of accuracy and attention to detail is only fitting; we are talking about the chosen weapon of the Thunder God after all. Woe be to he who creates a cheap knock-off! Woe and lightning! Lots of burny lightning! All of this comes with a pretty hefty price tag, but let us explore the various ways in which you absolutely need a movie-accurate Thor Mjolnir Replica.

Five Reasons You Need the Thor Mjolnir Replica Hammer

  • To create the definitive Thorgi GIF. No Thorgi will ever top the one who wields the Thor Mjolnir Replica hammer. You could be the one to shut down a meme entirely.
  • As a fearsome meat tenderizer. Steak membranes are no match for your godly authority.
  • To redefine what it means to be a black metal drummer. Lovers of deep, dark, Norse-themed metal will go ape when you start hitting the snare with this thing. As a bonus, the Thor Mjolnir Replica is meant to be wielded with one hand and has an attached leather strap to facilitate awesome, mid-solo twirling.
  • For accurate roleplay. Hey, no judgements here, but do you have the hair?
  • To display, I guess. If you are boring and into displaying awesome things instead of using them for the dispensing of justice.

Clearly, my words have convinced you to get your own Thor Mjolnir Replica while they’re still in stock!