Plantronics GameCom 307 Gaming Headset Review

Plantronics GameCom 307 Gaming Headset Review
The Plantronics GameCom 307 Gaming Headset is a fine, inexpensive gaming headset — as long as you can get it out of its ironclad packaging! [Image shared by Amazon]
Guest blogger James Swanson writes:

A few weeks ago, I purchased the Plantronics GameCom 307 Gaming Headset for around $25. While on the low end of the gaming headset spectrum, it’s small and portable — perfect for gamers who are always on the go. I took this headset for a spin and I figured I’d share my findings with my fellow LockerGnome readers. Enjoy!

About the Plantronics GameCom 307 Gaming Headset

When you first receive the GameCom 307, it comes in a package that displays the slick and slim headset with the mic and the adjuster that it comes with. Warning: this package is a real pain to open without a pair of scissors. If you try to open the package without a pair of scissors, you may want to recruit the assistance of your circus strongman pal or maybe the retired wrestler who still does the occasional gig at the local shopping mall on Sundays.

Once you get the thing open, you’ll see that two plugs are included: one is for the mic, and the other is for the speakers. Pretty straightforward. The 10′ cord ensures that you can freely move around the cubicle or office or kitchen table from which you game, which is handy for getting up and having a stretch or a few jumping jacks since you should always take a break from sitting for too long (which, as we all know, is easy to do when you’re distracted by gaming). If you save the ties, you can even economically shorten this cord for use on your portable audio player of choice (though you may need to get an adapter from Radio Shack or similar electronics retailer if the plug isn’t quite the right size).

The GameCom 307’s headphones are good quality and will probably last me a long time before I have to buy another headset. Their cushions fit comfortably over the ears and cancel out a great deal of background noise, and volume can be adjusted as needed to give you as much sound as you like. The mic can be similarly adjusted to suit everyone from the soft-spoken to the… highly vocal. As is typical with this sort of device, a mute feature is included, which makes this a good candidate for uses involving speech to text recognition.

Technophobes may be comforted by the fact that no special software is required to make the headset work — you just plug it in, and it’s good to go.

Plantronics GameCom 307 Gaming Headset Warranty

For warranty purposes, it’s a good idea to register the headset directly with Plantronics and make sure to keep your proof-of-purchase information handy. This way, if the headset breaks on you during its one-year warranty period, you can request a replacement while only having to eat the cost of shipping back the defective product.

Final Thoughts About the Plantronics GameCom 307 Gaming Headset

In conclusion, I think the Plantronics GameCom 307 Gaming Headset is a great buy. The only problem I have with this headset is that the fit can sometimes come loose, but it’s easily pushed back into place (and this is a pretty common complaint with gaming headsets of any kind). The sound quality from both the mic and headphones and fairly sturdy construction of the overall device make it well worth its extremely reasonable price. Plantronics is a company that specializes in making this kind of equipment, and it proudly stands by its products.

Get your own Plantronics GameCom 307 Gaming Headset and listen to what the fuss is all about.