Cassette Pillow Keeps Retro Restfully Refreshing

Cassette Pillow Keeps Retro Refreshing
A Cassette Pillow may not record your dreams, but it’s a good way to replay old memories. [Image shared by Amazon]
A Cassette Pillow to rest your weary head as you dream of the golden days of analog, Monsieur or Madame?

You’ve probably already seen the meme about how the kids of today likely don’t understand the connection between the common pencil and the cassette tape (spoiler: you could use the pencil to rotate a cassette’s spindle and advance the tape forward or backward during repair or an attempt to save battery power on your portable cassette player). While this is as true as it is amusing, the day really is fast approaching when people won’t even know what a cassette tape was.

In the days before digital media changed everything, the compact cassette tape was your best option for bringing music with you when on the go. Whether you carted around a boom box like the punk who gets Vulcan neck gripped by Spock on the bus in Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home or you more politely kept your music to yourself with headphones and a Sony Walkman, you probably also carried around a backpack that was filled to overflowing with cassette tapes. (There was probably a pencil or two in there, too, for the aforementioned purpose if not actual homework).

A Cassette Pillow makes a better place to rest your head than a boom box, but if you’re going to act like a punk, then Federation officers from the future are going to treat you like a punk, punk.

Cassette Pillow for the Tapeheads

If you grew up in the ’70s, ’80s, or ’90s, the image of a cassette tape probably stirs certain feelings of nostalgia in your warm, old, analog heart. We used them to make mix tapes for our friends (and maybe woo potential love interests), record band practice, interview both knowing and unknowing subjects (I still have a cassette tape of prank phone calls that were made by… people I may or may not know), program our VIC-20s, and lift our favorite songs — static and all — off the radio.

Nope. The RIAA didn’t like us back then, either. Remember how home taping was killing the music industry? Some might argue that it didn’t do a good enough job, but that’s another discussion for another post on another day.

The Cassette Pillow was designed to comfort those of us who remember — either fondly or not so fondly — the yesteryears when the cassette tape was a valid media device and not an ironic hipster prop or quaint tech museum artifact.

Whether you’re throwing an ’80s party or you just like to outfit your love seat with a little retro flair, the Cassette Pillow measures 18 x 12 x 4 inches and weighs about a pound. As Amazon user Paola tells us: “This pillow is of great quality. Fabric is very soft. Great size. Bigger than I expected. It’s a great price, too.”

Get your own Cassette Pillow and make a mix tape of your dreams today!