Ugly Christmas Sweater Perfect for Grinches and Parties

Ugly Christmas Sweater Perfect for Grinches and Parties
Looks like Frosty lost his head at the Ugly Christmas Sweater Party last night! [Image shared by Amazon]
I wish I could say I was above the pervasive trend of turning moments that would previously have been mortifying into a party theme. I remember watching Bridget Jones’s Diary (judge me not! Firthy goodness!) and getting quite a kick out of the ugly Christmas sweater scene. Now I actively want one. I am also currently coveting an invitation to an epic ugly Christmas sweater party. The kind of party where they have the leg lamp from A Christmas Story and someone shows up in red and green assless chaps — that’s my kind of party. Feel free to slide invitations to any such soiree my way and I will rock the party in this headless Frosty ugly Christmas sweater.

This Ugly Christmas Sweater Will Make Small Children Cry!

The way I see it, you have two options for an ugly Christmas sweater party. You can wear one that looks like a nightmarish mixture of Thomas Kinkade puke and leftovers from The Cosby Show’s wardrobe department. Alternatively, you can show up in something so offensive it is Bad Santa approved. This sweater qualifies for the latter. Grinches take heart: our ugly Christmas sweater pick depicts the destruction of holiday spirit, good will, and the death of a beloved Christmastime character. Poor Frosty has been decapitated deep in the blackness of the night. The stars are then only witnesses to the horror depicted in this durable sweater featuring dual panel construction. We may never know who did the deed, but I have it on good authority that Lucy was overhead musing about how much more popular A Charlie Brown Christmas would be with a little less competition. Who knows? Maybe this is just the beginning of an animated killing spree. Someone warn Whoville!

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