Doctor Who K-9 Ornament is a Faithful Tree Companion

Doctor Who K-9 Ornament is a Faithful Tree Companion
This Doctor Who K-9 Ornament has the mark (I, II, III, or IV) of holiday spirit! [Image shared by Amazon]
Are you watching the Doctor Who 50th anniversary special (or, if you are reading this after, have you?). I definitely will be (or will have). You know what character from the show’s long history I really wish was currently part of the cast? The robot dog K-9. I also have my eye on making sure this Doctor Who K-9 Ornament is sitting next to me when I watch. Every whovian needs a faithful companion, and every whovian tree naturally needs a K-9 Ornament.

K-9 is not only one of the best puns in science fiction television history, but also one of my very favorite Doctor Who characters in general. K-9 was the first robot I exclaimed to be “adorable” with zero hesitation. First appearing as a companion to the 4th Doctor (Tom Baker), K-9 is a silver dog with a laser blaster and a heart of pure gold. Although not made of gold, the Doctor Who K-9 Ornament will glitter in amongst the string of lights decorating most Christmas trees. These lights’ resemblance to the stars of the wide universe make a Christmas tree the perfect house for this glass robotic dog.

Doctor Who K-9 Ornament will Turn Your Tree into a Timey Wimey Wonderland

The K-9 model mark III made a brave sacrifice in the School Reunion episode of the 10th Doctor’s (David Tennant’s) run. This act of selflessness and love embodies the very spirit we cherish around the holiday season. The little tin dog is veritably made of mettle!

Seriously, that little robot dog! Putting this precious little Doctor Who K-9 Ornament on my Christmas tree this year is going to be a great moment. I definitely recommend moving this little guy to the front of the tree for the Christmas special if you cannot get him home in time for the 50th.

Get your own Doctor Who K-9 Ornament in time for the holidays!