Make Brony Friends with the Rainbow Dash Hoodie

Make Friends with the Rainbow Dash Hoodie
We do not suggest you be a creepy, invisible brony when you wear this Rainbow Dash Hoodie [Image shared by Amazon]
Let’s be honest with ourselves — really honest with ourselves. Bronies are having a moment. This Rainbow Dash Hoodie by Mighty Fine is just one example of the big friendship-loving moment the My Little Pony-embracing bronies are having right now. Everyone knows a brony — or at least a closet brony — won’t you consider this Rainbow Dash Hoodie as an enticement for them to come out of the My Little Closet?

Females can even wear the Rainbow Dash Hoodie, but we don’t have a cool name like “bronies” to don with such a spiffy wardrobe. I think that females who like My Little Pony are just called “girls.”

Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

Embrace Your Inner Brony (or Girl) in this Rainbow Dash Hoodie

Make Bronie Friends with the Rainbow Dash Hoodie
Dem wings. Image shared by Amazon

The sizes on this light blue hoodie range from small to XXL, so friendship lovers of all sizes can share in the joy. It’s this kind of inclusive spirit and daring use of color that make this hoodie a fashion statement even after the brony craze fades. Rainbow Dash is the weather pony, so it only makes sense that this is a hooded sweatshirt — in case he decides to make it rain. Can we just talk about the hood for a moment, though? I only have three words to describe the hood on the Rainbow Dash Hoodie: epic, rainbow mane. Oh, there are cute little ears, too! How cool is that? Pretty damned amaze if you ask me.

I also want to point out the wings on the back. Red Bull gives you wings? Nah, brony, the Rainbow Dash Hoodie gives you wings! This kind of attention to detail really sets this sweatshirt apart from the rest. If you are going to make the jump and wear your fandom on your chest (and back and head), you really ought to go all the way. Can you even imagine the kind of conversation starter this would be at Comic-Con?

For your friend or for yourself, fly over to Amazon and pick up a Rainbow Dash Hoodie by Mighty Fine today!