Minecraft for Dummies is for Smarties, Too

Minecraft for Dummies or Non-Dummies Alike
Minecraft for Dummies doesn’t think you’re dumb. Honest. [Image shared by Amazon]
If you’re familiar with the game called Minecraft, you’re probably well aware of how it has permeated gaming culture with fanatics of all ages building all manner of things in a virtual world with seemingly limitless possibilities. As with anything that’s got so many options — from computer programming to gardening to wine tasting — there’s a guide for the beginner to learn the basics and the seasoned veteran to fill in any knowledge gaps that may have occurred over time; in this case, we present Minecraft for Dummies.

Please don’t be offended at the for Dummies qualifier — that would be a mistake! The for Dummies series has been around for years as a non-intimidating way to introduce or expand upon topics as diverse as human ingenuity allows, with the tagline “a reference for the rest of us” to comfort those who might take a bruise to the ego for thinking they’re being called names by inanimate paperbacks (or e-books).

The point to a book like Minecraft for Dummies is to let newcomers and experienced players learn things they might not otherwise have known. I suppose that’s the point of all books, really, but the important thing to understand off the bat is that nobody thinks you’re a dummy. Are we cool?

Minecraft for Dummies is for Every Level of Minecraft Player

Any parents or grandparents who are not aware of the Minecraft craze sweeping the world should ask any child or teen what they think of the game. I have one adopted grandchild who, at six years old, is already a Minecraft junkie. The other children and teens in our extended family have all become absolute fanatics of the game, as well.

Minecraft for Dummies will allow you (or the aspiring Minecraft experts among your friends and family) to:

  • learn to use blocks to build anything you desire.
  • learn how to protect what you have built from monsters and other threats.
  • learn how to survive the world of Minecraft while you mine and head out on adventures.
  • learn how to customize your experiences.
  • learn how to survive your very first evening in the game of Minecraft.
  • learn more tips on building a strong house.
  • learn about the many mining tools available to you.
  • learn how to join a LAN game.
  • learn another 10 great game play tips.

Minecraft for Dummies Even Helps Non-Players

Minecraft for Dummies is designed to be understandable even by the complete novice. Even if you have no interest in playing the game itself, knowing the lingo and understanding what in the heck kids these days are talking about wins you ultimate cool points among the kids and grandkids. Being able to converse fluently about such an obsession demonstrates that you care about their interests. That’s love!

So whether you want it for yourself so that you can learn to play Minecraft to the best of your abilities, you want it for friends or family who wish to do the same, or you just want to be hip to the whole phenomenon, you can get your own Minecraft for Dummies book in either of the following formats: