LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar Counts Down to Fun

LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar Counts Down to Fun
The LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar means daily LEGO! Is there anything more to say? Oh wait, Star Wars! [Image shared by Amazon]
This LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar contains a mini Slave I — the ship used by the much-feared Boba Fett in his countless hunts for bounty across the Galaxy. I’m a massive fan of the Fett family (most specifically Boba, but you have to give Jango his due; it’s his DNA, after all), and this alone is enough to keep me opening little windows for at least 24 days. Traditional Advent calendars usually have chocolates inside, but those things will rot your teeth. LEGO bricks are a much healthier alternative — as long as you don’t chew them!

The LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar features not only minifigs but also vehicles and accessories that need to be put together. Rather than getting a sugar rush in the morning, you can have a brain rush while indulging in the most jolly of geek pastimes. The daily joy unlocked by opening each window on the LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar can be shared with the whole family.

LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar is a Daily Rush for Brains of All Sizes

I have saved the biggest rush for last. Tucked inside this countdown to Christmas is an exclusive holiday minifig that you cannot get anywhere else. That makes this LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar the perfect gift for LEGO collectors and Star Wars fans, alike. I won’t lie; I am having a bit of a crisis of conscience here. Do I reveal the exclusive fig? More than half the fun of an advent calendar is not knowing what lies behind the little doors. On the other hand, what lies behind the exclusive door is pretty cool. Then again, if you regularly watch the Pirillo videos, then the jig is already up. I think I will let the video spoil it (don’t watch it if you prefer to be surprised)!

Shall we just pretend the box doesn’t give away the surprise before you even get to opening the doors? I think we shall!

Navigate your way through hyperspace over to Amazon to grab your LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar today! (Bonus: since December has already begun, when it arrives, you get to open a bunch of doors to catch up.)