T-Rex Mug Will Make You Clap with Joy and Thanks

T-Rex Mug Will Make You Clap With Joy and Thanks
Funny mugs — like this T-Rex Mug, for instance — are SRS BSNS. [Image shared by Amazon]
As we approach Christmas Day, the value of a good White Elephant or office holiday exchange present cannot be underestimated. This T-Rex Mug is funny without being offensive. This very rare combination of attributes makes it a valuable member of your last minute holiday gift arsenal. Please note, however, that this gift — as with all funny mugs — should be presented with caution. Consider the tales of Bob and Ben as you decide how best to deploy your T-Rex Mug.

The Story of Bob and Ben, or How a T-Rex Mug Can Save Your Life

Bob was a desktop support specialist in a big office with seven other similarly named specialists. All year he has been called every name but his own, and it was creeping up on review time. He knew that, to advance in the cutthroat and rapidly outsourced world of desktop support, he would need to make an impression with his gifts. The IT department was all about funny mugs. The funnier the mug, the bigger the promotion. Competition was savage with no small amount of sabotage. Last year, Bob’s close friend, Ben, was looking to make an impression on Troy, aka The Boss. Ben went to Troy’s assistant, Lauren, to get some ideas for his funny mug. Little did he know that Lauren was secretly dating the striving rake, Roy. Ben got some bad information and wound up selecting a caffeine addiction styled funny mug. Little did he know that Troy had just switched to decaf after a major health scare and was now in caffeine addiction therapy. Once the incident made its way around HR, Ben just got blackballed industry wide and wound up dying of exposure under a freeway overpass.

Bob still missed Ben, but he would not let the lesson go unlearned. Troy, a year since going cold turkey, was now an avid herbal tea drinker. He had also recently developed a very fond appreciation of T-Rex memes and paleontology in general. Bob searched and scoured the Internet for a funny T-Rex Mug. He landed at Amazon and found this very one. Bob purchased the fine T-Rex Mug that very night and secreted his prize away until the holiday exchange at work. There were smiles, popcorn balls, bad punch, and enough funny mugs to stock a novelty shop for a year. Quietly, Bob presented Troy with his gift. Whether it was some good, old-fashioned gift-giving skills, or a touch of holiday magic will never be known. All that can be said is that Bob now has a named parking space and 300 series BMW. He is living the middle management dream, all thanks to proper deployment of a tactically appropriate funny mug.

Grab your T-Rex Mug at Amazon today before they go extinct!