Whiskey Chilling Rocks Keep Your Drinks Cool

Whiskey Chilling Rocks To Keep Your Booze Cool
With the Whiskey Chilling Rocks, watered down booze (or any beverage, for that matter) is a thing of the past. [Image shared by Amazon]
Do you avoid asking for drinks “on the rocks” because you prefer not to have them watered down when the ice melts? With the Whiskey Chilling Rocks, watered down booze is a thing of the past. But even teetotalers have reason to celebrate, because these chilling rocks will keep any drink cool for hours, and do it in style.

Whiskey Chilling Rocks Work Every Time

Anyone who has enjoyed sipping Johnny Walker Black Label knows that this excellent 12-year-old scotch should not be watered down. However, some of us enjoy our whiskey (or, in this case, whisky) chilled. But using an ice cube will dilute and change the taste of this superb libation. This is where the Whiskey Chilling Rocks shine. They’re soapstone cubes that soak up the cold of your freezer and then transfer it to your drink without melting or changing the taste of your drink in any way. A perfect solution!

Whiskey Chilling Rocks Will Not Change the Taste of Your Whiskey

Those of you who are connoisseurs of the finer whiskies are keenly aware how refrigerated ice can change the taste of any fine liquor. Most refrigeration units pick up the smells and taste from other refrigerated food. This foul taste can be transferred whether you are drinking a glass of water or even a fine whiskey. By using the Whiskey Chilling Rocks instead of refrigerated ice, you can stabilize the fine taste and fully enjoy the whiskey for which you have probably paid a few pretty pennies.

And even if you’re not a whiskey drinker, your beverage of choice can still benefit from being chilled without being diluted or destroyed by funky-tasting ice cubes.

These Whiskey Chilling Rocks are made from 100% pure soapstone cubes and will not leave any aftertaste. Get your own set of 10 cubes today!