Das Horn Drinking Vessel Gets Medieval on Your Thirst

Das Horn Drinking Vessel Gets Medieval on Your Thirst
Enjoy your favorite brew in Das Horn Drinking Vessel, you barbarian! [Image shared by Tristan Hilliard via Das Horn]
Do you like to drink beer? Perhaps mead is more your style. In either case, whether you’re toasting to victories in Valhalla, preparing to embark for rich lands to plunder, or simply remembering battle-fallen friends, Das Horn Drinking Vessel lets you do it in a way that’s appropriate for the occasion.

Das Horn: More Fun Than Drinking from a Bottle

I was recently visiting family and friends in San Francisco, where I had an occasion to dine out. While waiting for a table, I went to the bar and ordered a beer. While I usually drink beer straight from the bottle when I’m at home, I opted to use the nice, cold, frosted glass that the bartender brought me with my beverage. I must admit that there was something about the experience that made my beverage more refreshing and memorable than it would have been had I surrendered to my usual custom of drinking out of the bottle.

Imagine my delight if I’d been given the option to drink from Das Horn Drinking Vessel right there in the bar. If a frosted pint glass could so enhance my favorite beer, then you might imagine how gulping down the same brew in the manner of an axe-wielding barbarian from the Black Forest or a Skraeling-felling Norseman would be an occasion of such magnificence that sagas, odes, and ballads composed on the spot would carry the tale on to future generations.

Drink Like a Viking in Polite Company with Das Horn

I recall the movie The Vikings, featuring Kirk Douglas, Tony Curtis, Ernest Borgnine, and Janet Leigh. It may not have been one of Hollywood’s best, but it was entertaining enough. The part of the movie I recall best is when the Vikings congregate in a large hall to drink brew from horns of various colors. I still remember thinking to myself how gross it must have been to drink anything from an animal’s horn — how clean can you really get an animal horn, anyway?

One of the benefits of Das Horn is that it can recreate the feel of the drinking horns of old without actually requiring the sacrifice of herd animals — and it’s even dishwasher safe! Made from BPA-free plastic, Das Horn can hold 24 ounces (709 milliliters if you’re from anyplace in the world that’s not the metric-shunning United States). It also includes a strap so you can wear it around your neck at your cousin’s wedding reception with the open bar, and there’s a display stand for those times when you just want to admire Das Horn’s sleek curves from afar (like when you’re recovering from the aforementioned cousin’s wedding reception with the open bar).

Are you ready to raid a coastal village or pour one out for your broadsword-hacked homies? Hesitate not, for Das Horn can be acquired without delay!