Pug Mask Makes You Repugnantly Adorable

Pug Mask Will Make You Ugly And Cute
Ever wanted to look smug as a bug in a Pug Mask? Now’s your chance. May fool real pugs into thinking you’re their Top Dog, so to speak. [Image shared by Amazon]
If you’re a dog lover, you probably have a favorite breed. Sure, you’ll gladly play fetch with any lovable old mutt, but there’s likely a very particular type of dog that turns your head and melts your heart like no other. Pooch lovers gravitate toward huskies, poodles, boxers, pit bulls, beagles, labradors, chihuahuas, dobermanns, dachshunds, great danes, shar peis, miniature schnauzers, terriers, corgies, and other distant wolf relations.

But then there’s the noble pug, with a smooshed face that conveys varying levels of surprise, mournfulness, delight, expectation, playfulness, affection, innocence, bliss, yearning, determination, confusion, and attention — often all at the same time. It somehow manages to simultaneously pull off… well, repugnant ugliness and disarming cuteness. Many actors and politicians would kill for being able to spontaneously summon such a range of emotions and faces, but all you really need to do is put on this Pug Mask to complete the transformation.

Pug Mask is Realistic and Fits Most Adult Heads

We once owned a shih tzu who, like its pug cousin, has the smashed, punched-in-the-face look that we find so charming. A stranger came to the door one day and, upon seeing our dog, asked with all sincerity, “What happened to his nose?”

If you hate your own human nose, you can hide it with impunity behind the Pug Mask and people will only think kind thoughts about your honker (after first having a little chuckle about how repulsively adorable you are, of course).

And what better way to startle family and friends than to don the Pug Mask when they least expect it? If they happen to own their own pug, then all the better — there’s a reasonable chance that the real pug will adopt you as their idol once they see you wearing this mask.

Here are some of the features of this Pug Mask:

  • It’s made of 100% latex.
  • It’s realistic-looking — almost creepily so.
  • It fits most adult heads.
  • It can give you the urge to pee on a tree or beg for a treat.

Do you have a boyfriend or girlfriend that you want to impress? This Pug Mask will make them fall head over heels in love with you. Okay, that may be an exaggeration, but who knows how this could affect your relationship until you try?

Get your own Pug Mask today!