Mooning Gnome Cookie Jar Will ‘Crack’ You Up

Mooning Gnome Cookie Jar Will 'Crack' You Up
The Mooning Gnome Cookie Jar is a humorous collectible that will ‘crack’ you up every time you’re in need of a snack and a laugh. [Image shared by Amazon]
It’s been said that a kitchen is only as complete as its cookie jar. Never mind that it’s only been said right now and probably just by me; let’s focus on what’s important: it’s true! And what kind of kitchen do you want to roam in search of snacks? One that’s serious and orderly, or one that puts a smile on your face? If you answered in the affirmative to the latter, then look no further than the Mooning Gnome Cookie Jar as the crowning accoutrement to your mornings, noons, and nights of feasting!

It’s functional! It’s collectible! It’s a crack up! It’s pun fodder!

Whether you’re a collector of silly things or just someone in need of a place to put your cookies, the Mooning Gnome Cookie Jar aims to please all — albeit irreverently.

Mooning Gnome Cookie Jar Keeps Cookies Fresh

While gnomes have become popular in gardens and yards (and lockers?) across the country, gnomes in the kitchen are only now appearing. This hollowed-out piece of ceramic with its unique, split-butt lid will add a bit of lowbrow style to any kitchen. Not only is the Mooning Gnome Cookie Jar a great collectible, but the rubber seal on the lid will keep your cookies fresh, as well.

This Mooning Gnome Cookie Jar Will Have You Turning The Other Cheek

The Mooning Gnome Cookie Jar shamelessly shows off its daring derriere to everyone who enters your kitchen, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, but the easily offended can be pacified by the freshly baked, deliciously preserved contents within.

Two biscuits (as the British say) in the belly are worth a hand on the hiney, wouldn’t you say?

Get your own Mooning Gnome Cookie Jar today and let the fun begin!